1627 Carlson Ln., Redondo Beach,CA Sold

  • $1,290,500

Type: Single-Family Configuration: 3 Bed, 2 Bath
Stories: 2 SQFT: 1947
Condition: Very poor, & broken main drain line.
AS-IS Value: $975,000 (agreed to by Owner, and Owner’s Real Estate Agent)

FlipGreat Guaranteed Budget: $50,000 Construction
Time: 45 days
Work Completed: inspections, demolition, replacement of main drain line, extensive
interior and exterior remodel, all design work, city permits, construction management
Up Front Cost to Owner: $0
List Price: $1.2M
Days to Sell: 6
Offers: 5
Accepted Sale Price: $1,290,500
Over/Under List Price: Over $91,500 (+7.6%)
Neighborhood Avg Time to Sell: 99 days (54 days on market + 45-day escrow)
FlipGreat Time to Sell: 86 days (45-day repair + 6 days on market + 35-day escrow)
FlipGreat Cost to Owner: $0
Selling Time Saved by Owner: 2 weeks
Net Gain to Owner by using FlipGreat: $114,627 in 45 days

1627 Carlson Ln.
Redondo Beach, CA
For Sale
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