1207 N. Howard St. Glendale CA Sold

  • $1,100,000
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Work Completed: inspections, demolition, asbestos remediation, negotiation and removal of encroaching structure, new HVAC, new electrical, major plumbing repairs, interior, and exterior remodel, all design work, city permits, construction management
Up Front Cost to Owner: $0
List Price: $1.2M
Days to Sell: 5
Offers: 6
Accepted Sale Price: $1,100,000
Neighborhood Avg Time to Sell: 99 days (54 days on market + 45-day escrow)
FlipGreat Time to Sell: 71 days (30-day repair + 6 days on market + 35-day escrow)

FlipGreat Cost to Owner: $0
Selling Time Saved by Owner: 4 weeks
Increased value in 30 days (net of repairs): $287,000

1207 N. Howard St.
Glendale, CA
For Sale
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