How The Process Works

  • First, reach out and tell us about your property, situation, and selling goals
  • Next, you’ll receive information about selling to us directly, hiring a Los Angeles agent, and our Fix and List program
  • Take some time to run the numbers and review your options
  • No matter which way you choose to sell, you can be confident that you made the right choice for your situation.

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More About Our Fix and List Program

  1. FlipGreat pays for an independent inspection. We want to know any issues upfront, so we can fix them before the home’s cosmetic upgrades. And, so you can quickly and easily sell a home with no problems.
  2. We (you, your agent, and FlipGreat) all agree on the “As-Is” value of your home. This is easily done by…
    • Looking at comparable sales
    • An Appraisal
    • iBuyer offers
  3. FlipGreat then gives you…
    • A repair schedule, often 30 days or less.
    • A list of repairs & designed upgrades to be completed
    • Our zero profit budget – FlipGreat makes NO profit from the repairs. When all of the work is done, we give you a copy of all of the invoices. Feel free to double-check what our vendors were paid. We only make money from the profit we create and split with you. So, if you don’t make money, we don’t make money. We both have the same goal, and that’s to make a profit.
  4. FlipGreat completes the repairs and renovations, greatly increasing the home’s value.
    • Note: Since 2013, on average, for every $1 we invest in a home, it increases in value $4.17. So, for every $50,000 we invest in a home, it increases in value over by over $200,000.
  5. Your Realtor sells the home, but now for a far higher price.
    1. Fast multiple offers and bidding wars are common.
  6. At the close of escrow, the sale proceeds are distributed.
    • You first get the original “As-Is” value you agreed to.
    • We get reimbursed for the Zero Profit, cost of the repairs and renovations.
    • We split the profit above and beyond that. So, you get 50% of the profit we created.

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