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100% Free service for Listing Agents. Renovated homes sell for more increasing commissions and possibly your total number of listings.

Zero upfront costs or hassles for Owners.

We get paid out of escrow, so there are no upfront costs for owners. And we do all the design and construction, so your client doesn’t have the hassle, and nets more at closing.

Fast turn-around

30 days or less to complete repairs and improvements.


We’ve been investing and flipping So Cal real estate for 20+ years, and been featured in the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Business Journal. We’ve made our clients money on every project we’ve ever done.


Together we determine the AS-IS value of the vacant fixer home.

We use our money and resources making it ready to sell to a retail buyer in 30 days or less.

You sell the property and split the increased value with us.





"It took my breath away . Congratulations . Honestly I can best describe it as the work of a genius. I know because I had seen how unappealing it was before."

Guity Parsi

35 Years of Experience

"Great to work with an experienced and knowledgeable team who know how to flip. They're the best in the business!"

Tim Braseth

ArtCraft Homes

"As an architect working in Los Angeles over the past two decades, I've seen it all, good and bad. Bruce and his team are among the very best and I cannot recommend them highly enough. His attention to detail and ability to get the absolutely best value for his clients is unmatched; in an industry where so much can be difficult, he's a pleasure to work with; and most importantly, he delivers on what he promises. I recommend without any reservations whatsoever."

Wil Carson

Architect, Design Director

"FlipGreat is the perfect partner when a property needs improvement to maximize its potential. Bruce is a master at seeing what needs to be done and his execution is on point, market relevant, cost effective and flawless. The work is always top quality and in line with current trends (sometimes even ahead of them, Bruce is that good!). I highly recommend FlipGreat!"

Lorri Quiett

20 Years of Experience

"I have done business with Bruce over ten years. He is straight forward, ethical and a loyal. I would never do a real estate or construction project without his consultation. I am a thirty year veteran in flooring, construction and real estate."

Mohammad Bozorgzad

Flooring Warehouse Center



Bruce Bartlett has been renovating and improving So Cal residential real estate since he bought his first duplex in Hermosa Beach in 1997. In 2005 he accurately predicted the coming real estate crash, sold his California assets and moved them to Texas where they appreciated as most markets declined. In 2007 he entered UCLA’s Anderson School of Management where he studied under 15-time Professor of the Year Eric Sussman, graduating with an MBA in 2009. In 2010 he partnered with Mr. Sussman to create Sequoia Real Estate Partners where he managed acquisitions and value-added renovations in private investment funds. All funds were successful, returning all invested capital and strong profits to investors. During these he was featured in both the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Business Journal.


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