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For many home sellers in Los Angeles, time is of the essence. Holding onto a property costs you money and getting it ready for the MLS can be expensive.

At FlipGreat, we can buy your [market_cty] house, pay you a great price, and close when you are ready. While there may be a lot of homebuyers in the LA area, we are able to pay you the most for your property due to our cost-efficient rehab practices!

By having our own repair crews, bulk pricing on materials, and the ability to make repairs incredibly fast, our renovation costs can be done very inexpensively – this means we are able to offer you more for your property!

A direct sale is a great option for many LA homeowners who are dealing with difficult situations.

For the past 20 years, we have been helping homeowners in coastal LA communities who were looking for ways to sell their homes fast, while not sacrificing on price. Since starting our business, we have helped people avoid foreclosure, handle repairs, avoid commissions, and find ways to make the most money from the sale of their homes.

In addition to a direct offer, we can also…

  • Repair and renovate your property at no cost to you – giving you the ability to list it for more money and sell it faster
  • Refer you to some of the best real estate agents in all of LA who will get your property listed and sold faster than you may think

Before you call up a Los Angeles real estate agent, learn about the many options we offer. Every client we have worked with using our Fix and List program has made more money than if they would have listed as is. If you aren’t able to wait for 30 days while the repairs are made, we will make you an excellent cash offer right away!

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A Little About Us…

With zero upfront cost to home sellers or listing agents, FlipGreat renovates homes prior to sale, increasing the value, attracting more buyers, and selling in less time. Sellers can use any Real Estate Agent they want and typically sell 3 weeks faster than simply selling the property as-is. At the close of escrow, FlipGreat gets back its invested renovation costs and a portion of the increased value of the home. The seller will walk away with more and the agent will get a higher commission! Everyone wins! 🏡

We offer other options too! We can buy your house as-is or we can connect you to Los Angeles‘s top real estate agents who know what it takes to get the job done!

We have years of experience and have been featured in both the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Business Journal. Our Clients have made money on every project we’ve ever done.

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