Before And After Project Case Studies

With zero upfront cost to Homeowners, FlipGreat pays to quickly (30-45 days) re-design and renovate “fixer” homes so Owners can sell for top dollar. At the close of escrow, we split the value we created with the Owner. Home sellers do nothing, spend nothing, sell faster and typically net an extra $100,000 or more from the sale.

2687 Greenfield
As-Is Value: $1,161,000
Renovation Budget: $180,000
Sale Price: $1,700,000
Increase in value (net of repairs): $359,000

Remodel and repair of a California Bungalow to give it some beach/island flair and the addition of a legal additional 400 soft Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) by converting the detached garage. ADU included a new foundation, HVAC, Plumbing and drainage, kitchen and bath. I eliminated a 1/2 bath in the main house to increase the size of the master bath and moved some structural beams into the ceiling to open things up. New hardscape and landscape. Read More…

1207 N. Howard St
FlipGreat Cost to Owner: $0
Selling Time Saved by Owner: 4 weeks
Increased value in 30 days (net of repairs): $287,000

Work Completed: inspections, demolition, asbestos remediation, negotiation and removal of encroaching structure, new HVAC, new electrical, major plumbing repairs, interior, and exterior remodel, all design work, city permits, construction management.
Up Front Cost to Owner: $0
List Price: $1.2M
Days to Sell: 5
Offers: 6
Accepted Sale Price: $1,100,000 Over/Under
List Price: Over $101,000 (+10%) Read More…

1627 Carlson Ln.
FlipGreat Cost to Owner: $0
Selling Time Saved by Owner: 2 weeks
Net Gain to Owner by using FlipGreat: $114,627 in 45 days

Work Done: Inspections, demolitions, replacement of main drain line, extensive remodel, all design work, construction management, and city permits.
Cost to Owner: $0.00
List Price: $1.2M
Days Sell: 45 Days
Offers: 5
Sold: $1,290,500
The owner did nothing, spent nothing and netted an extra $114,627. Read More…

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